Hungry Bin worm farm plus 1 kg compost worms

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In a Hungry Bin, organic waste such as vegetables, paper towels, coffee packs, fruit, tea bags and more, is naturally, easily and cleanly upcycled using composting worms.

Suitable for home and garden, schools, restaurants, cafes, hotels, canteens, kindergartens, small enterprises and offices.

Compost worms in the Hungry Bin can convert up to 2 kg of organic waste per day. The organic waste is placed on top, the worms eat it and produce worm humus and worm tea. The tapered sides encourage the worms to stay in the upper part of the Hungry Bin. Worm humus and worm tea can easily be removed from the bottom part. The volume of the waste is reduced by more than 80%.

To start your Hungry Bin more efficient we suggest to order 1,000 grams of live compost worms. 

You can find futher information about the Hungry Bin and compost worms on our website.

You will receive

1 Hungry Bin including Assembly instruction and manual

The worms are are delivered in a bag and carton with some bedding directly from a local worm farm to you. To ensure your worms arrive in the freshest condition they are shipped from Monday to Tuesday only. 

The compost worm species may vary a little depending on worm farm and season. 

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Measures and weight

Box size

65 cm x 60 cm x 43,5 cm 

12 kg

Measures Hungry Bin 95 cm high, 60 cm wide, 65 cm deep

Hungry Bin Weight empty

Hungry Bin Weight when in use

11,5 kg

up to 100 kg

Organic waste volume
conversion rate

Up to 2 litre per day

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